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Friday, 1 November 2013

No Credit If You Can't Spell Your Name?

In a previous post I wondered what to make of companies that couldn’t spell their own names correctly, No Credit Your Name Worries Us. Since that post we’ve come across other companies with the same issue.

In a typical scenario a credit controller receives some basic details by telephone, and then does a company search on our system. No trace. They try again. No trace. Our client then contacts us and asks us why the company can't be found.

When we look into it, we find that the company is not being returned in the expected search results because it is incorporated and trading with the wrong spelling of the defining word in their own company name.

Would you feel confident extending credit to a company offering ‘Buisness’ services? Or what are the prospects for a business that has an ‘a’ instead of ‘e’ when trying to operate an education ‘Acadamy’? The dilemma for credit controllers in such cases is whether to be influenced by the incorrect spelling. Does it infer a sloppy approach which could extend to other areas of the business including the finances?

We recently checked a chauffeur car business with a missing ‘u’ in their ‘Chauffer’ driven cars business name. I bet they could drive you round the bend...