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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Your Banking Password Can Be Cracked

I thought my password was safe. Until I tested it out. 

The security of a password is measured by how long it would take to crack it. 

You probably have a different password for your online banking than the one you use to login to First Report for a credit check. Your banking password may be even more secure. But if you’re curious just how safe is your password pay this site a visit – How Secure Is My Password. You could be in for a surprise.

After testing your password you may decide it’s time to change it to something stronger. I use the How Secure Is My Password site to help me choose secure passwords. If you’re cautious about entering your real password even to test it, you can test an equivalent one, so if your real password is ‘mark7’ - 4 letters and a number - then test ‘john6’ and the result will still tell you what you need to know. 

Password cracking software is easy to get for those that want it. Many people will have had the same passwords for years, and although ten years ago their password may have been considered secure, today with increased computing power the same password may be quite vulnerable.

In the meantime if you should forget your First Report login, there is a password reminder link under the login box.

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Monday, 14 January 2013

Why We Didn’t Blog. And Now We Do.

We avoided the trend for corporate blogging for years. So what’s this here? 

This is our new blog. We didn’t blog before because so many other corporate blogs are essentially just press releases and sales propaganda. Or internet pollution I call it. So that’s why we didn’t.

So why now? Well I’ve been cajoled into it. Along with the buttons along the top of the website that you can click to show you like us (you know, the Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ icons – if you are on Twitter, Facebook, or have a Google+ account please click them to show you like us.)

But we only wanted to blog if we can pass on information which you may find genuinely useful and interesting. Not just blah-de-blah about how great our credit reports are. So although we may put in the odd post about our service we will try to give our blog a slightly wider remit. 

If you like the idea do me a favour and drop us a line to suggest a topic or anything you think others may also find useful or interesting. Otherwise my next post may just be about how great First Report credit reports are. 

Anything useful to share or any comments, drop me a line via our Contact page.

Till next time.